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Rückprojektionsscheibe LitMagic-screen in Medienwand integriert


Dazzling images without glare

When it comes to communicating picture content, the image quality must underline the message. This is especially true for rear projections, which are often used in presentations.

The image quality depends greatly on the projection screen properties. LitMagic-screen presents sharp images without negative side effects such as Moirée, colour fading or hotspots – offered at an attractive price. As an example, a 50” screen (screen width approx. 1 m) sells at RRP € 585,50 net.

LitMagic has produced an impressive success story: because the product has proven to be extremely reliable and optically superior while inexpensive over the past years, the Gahrens + Battermann group has completely replaced all rear projection with LitMagic screens. Many conference and meeting rooms have meanwhile been realised. The manufacturer exact planwerk GmbH is specialised in the engineering and integration of contemporary projection and media technology.


Up to 130 inches screen diagonal

Standard (4:3) screen sizes range from 50“ to 130“ screen diagonal (screen width 102-268 cm). We also produce 16:9 aspect ratios and screens up to approx. 6 x 2 m.

Naturally, we supply the necessary accessories (metal frames, mirrors and projection racks) and can develop complete product solutions.


Short delivery times and all-round service

Our service includes delivery times of 5-10 working days within Germany. If desired, we will cover all engineering and installation tasks the project requires.

The reasons for our low prices: an efficient production process and direct distribution from the manufacturer. In this way we can even satisfy special requests.


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